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'Curious Dragonfly'

'Curious Dragonfly' 
(Jeffcoat P, 2014)
$50 df

'Curious Dragonfly' (Jeffcoat P, 2014)

Diploid, Dormant, 28, EMRE, 6.5, FR, EXT (GOOD INTENTIONS x seedling)

Yes, CURIOUS DRAGONFLY is indeed a curiosity but could also be described as distinctive. It always blooms just as you see the picture. Both petals and sepals are bright pink, petals are slightly waffled but hold up well and are flat out while sepals recurve all the way back with only a small portion visible. The throat is a very bright green flowing out onto the pink petals and the recurved sepals. The 6.5 inch flowers bloom early to mid-season and rebloom and are supported on strong 28 inch scapes with 3 branches and 13 buds.

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