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'Catawampus' (Jeffcoat J 04)

(Jeffcoat J 04)
$15 df

CATAWAMPUS (Jeffcoat J 04)

Tet, 47, M, 7 , SE, UNUSUAL FORM Cascade
(RED SUSPENDERS x unknown)

CATAWAMPUS is an unusual color. I see it as a tomato red with a big wide green throat. The cascade, twisting and curling make it difficult to measure so I used an average of 7 inches. The blooms are carried tall on 47-inch strong erect scapes with three way top branching and 16 buds. It is quite impressive in a clump. It is dormant to semi-evergreen depending on the cold winter weather. Difficult pod parent but pollen is good. CATAWAMPUS was the recipient of a Junior Citation Award in 2003.
$45 df

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