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2016 Price List

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$ 30  DF TALLAHASSEE TWO STEP (Herrington T 11)
T SE 26 MRE 5 DOUBLE, amethyst lavender plicata blend, gyt, FR
sold out   DF TAMMY FAYE EYES (Wilkerson 09)
T EV 40 EMRE 8.5 UF Cascade, bright yellow, purple eye, gt
$ 35  DF TEETHING (Lambertson 11)
T SE 28 EMRE 5.75 Med purple petals, light purple sepals, blue purple eye, cream yellow teeth
$ 25  DF tet PEGGY JEFFCOAT (Joiner J 95)
D 18 MLRE 6.5 DOUBLE, yellow self, light green th
$ 20  DF TEXAS BIG BEND (Carpenter J 07)
T EV 24 EMRE 6.5 Golden bronze blend
$ 40  DF TEXAS BIG DADDY (Carpenter J 09)
T EV 31 MRE 7 Coral, yellow edge, gt, FR
$ 20  DF TEXAS BIG RED (Carpenter J 06)  [pic]
T D 27 ERE 7.5 Red self, green th, FR
sold out   DF THAXTON'S SMILE (Bell-T 12)
T EV 26 EMRE 6.5 Burgandy red, lighter watermark, gold edge, green th, FR
T EV 28 EMRE 6 Rich red color, contrasting pink watermark eye, small yellow gold ede, FR
$ 30  DF THE DEBORAH RUBIN (Holley S 09)  [pic]
T EV 28 EMRE 6.5 Magenta, pale pink halo, thin white serrated edge, bright green th
sold out   DF THE GOLDILOCKS EFFECT (Hanson C 05)  [pic]
T SE 36 M 6.5 Cream gold yellow polychrome, green th
$ 80  DF THE POWER OF PEACE (Grace-L 13)
T EV 34 EMRE 6.5 Soft pink pure color, yellow-green edge, FR
T EV 30 EMRE 7 Rose wine, pink watermark, gt, FR
$ 20  DF THE WHOLE WORLD SINGS (Carpenter J 09)
T EV 29 MRE 5 Buff cream, red eye and edge, gt, FR
$ 50  DF THIS WORLD AFLAME (Hensley D 11)
T D 41 MLARE 6.5 UF Cascade, brilliant veined orange, yellow to green th
$ 75  DF THISTLES AND THORNS (Emmerich 11)
T SE 30 MRE 6 Violet purple, lavender watermark and edge, white teeth, ygt
sold out   DF THOMAS TEW (Stamile 08)
T EV 38 MRE 6 Cream, violet eye and edge, gt, FR
sold out   DF THROUGH THE FIRE (Bell T 08)  [pic]
T EV 24 MRE 6 Red yellow bitone, shrimp pink watermark, FR
$ 20  DF TIMELESS MAJESTY (Carpenter J 06)
T D 29 LRE 7 Mauve, yellow edge, green th, FR
$ 20  DF TONY HOUSEMAN (Carpenter J 08)
T EV 25 MRE 6.5 Yellow cream, yellow edge, gt
$ 30  DF TOOTH AND NAIL (Benz J 06)  [pic]
T D 48 MRE 8 UF cascade, orange bitone, gold lace edge, gt, FR
$ 35  DF TRAHLYTA'S SONG (Hensley D 11)
D 37 MLRE 6 UF Cascade, plum, darker eyezone, white darts run on petals and sepals, ygt,
$ 20  DF TREASURE THAT I SEEK (Bell T 09)  [pic]
T EV 25 MRE 6 Purple, chalky white watermark, gt, FR
sold out   DF TROPICAL FUSION (Douglas C 12)
T SE 31 EMRE 5.5 Orange petals, yellow undertones with bright orange red eye and edge
$ 50  DF TRUE BEAUTY (Smith Fr 10)
T SE 36 EMRE 7 Pink, cream-colored edge, FR
$ 30  DF TWICE KISSED (Stamile 09)
T SE 33 EM 6 DOUBLE, rose pink, cherry red eye, gt, FR
$ 25  DF UNCLE HENRY OF OZ (Herrington K 07)
T SE 30 EMRE 5.5 DOUBLE, red orange blend, lighter edge, FR
sold out   DF UNFOLDING MYSTERIES (Grace L 14)
T EV 36 EMRE 5.5 Mauve lavender, bold purple eye, ruffled toothy edge, FR
sold out   DF UNLOCK YOUR DREAMS (Grace-L 13)
T EV 30 EMRE 6 Cream, band of six rings of lavender and silver, gt, FR
$ 25  DF UP AGAINST THE SUN (Norris R 08)
T SE 44 EMRE 6 Hot orange blend, orange highlights, gt
sold out   DF VANISHING MIST (Emmerich 11)
T SE 36 MRE 5.5 Cranberry grape, gray lavender eye and edge trimmed in ivory, ygt
$ 20  DF VENETIAN FRINGE (Petit 08)
T SE 25 MRE 7.5 DOUBLE, rose, gold fringe edge, green th, FR
$ 50  DF VIOLET BLUE FASCINATION (Carpenter-Carpenter 13)
T EV 26 EMRE 5.5 Violet blue blend, smokey lavender/gray eye and edge, green th
$ 35  DF VIOLET ETCHING (Stamile 08)
T EV 36 MRE 6.5 Mauve lavender, green teeth, FR
$ 50  DF VIOLET LIGHT (Stamile-Pierce 10)
T EV 34 EMRE 5.75 Violet purple self, watermark, wide ruffled toothy cream/gold/white edge, FR
sold out   DF VIOLET STAINED GLASS (Stamile-Pierce 10)
T EV 36 EMRE 6.25 Violet eye and edge on a warm cream base, eye extends onto sepals, FR
$ 40  DF VIVACIOUS SPIRIT (Pierce G 11)
T EV 35 EMRE 6.5 Candy apple pink, green edge, green th, Fr
$ 40  DF VIVIAN KENNEDY (Carpenter-Carpenter 13)
D 25 EMRE 5.5 Reverse bitone, light cherry cream base, cream rose sepals, deep cherry eye
$100  DF WATER OF LIFE (Bell T12)
T EV 30 MRE 6 Lavender pink, darker lavender blue eye, picotee ending in a small gold edge, FR
T SE 34 M 6.5 Watermelon rose blend, darker rose eye, green to lemon th
$ 25  DF WAXED MINT (Stamile-Pierce 10)  [pic]
T EV 30 EMRE 5.75 Lemon yellow, strong chatreuse overlay, FR
$ 25  DF WEBSTER'S AGGIE (Webster-Cobb-Howard 12)
T SE 23 M 7.75 UF Crispate, red pinched crispate, yellow green th
$ 25  DF WEBSTER'S GOLDEN WONDER (Webster-Cobb 08)
T D 42 M 12 UF, golden yellow self, FR
sold out   DF WEBSTER'S GOLIATH (Webster-Cobb-Howard 12)
T D 26 M 9 UF Crispate-Cascade-Spatulate, huge melon polychrome
$ 20  DF WEBSTER'S PASTEL BEAUTY (Webster-Cobb-Howard 12)
T SE 22 MLARE 6 UF Cascade, pale lavender pink polychrome, darker edge, white midrib
$ 20  DF WEBSTER'S PINCHED PEACH (Webster-Cobb-Howard 12)
T SE 27 MLARE 6.62 UF Crispate-Cascade, peach melon polychrome
$ 30  DF WEBSTER'S RED KNIGHT (Webster-Cobb 08)
T D 30 MRE 11 UF, red self, gt, FR
$ 50  DF WEBSTER'S SCARLET BEAUTY (Webster-Cobb-Howard 12)
T SE 26 M 8.5 UF Crispate-Cascade-Spatulate, red self
sold out   DF WEBSTER'S YELLOW WONDER (Webster-Cobb-Howard 12)
T SE 32 M 8.25 UF Crispate, yellow self, variable white edge
sold out   DF WELCOME TO DREAMLAND (Eller N 10)
T SE 35 ERE 5.75 DOUBLE, red, paler edges tipped with serrated white teeth, red veining, gt
$ 20  DF WENDY MOSELEY (Bell T 08)
T EV 29 MRE 6.5 Salmon pink, yellow watermark and edge, FR
sold out   DF WHALE OF A TRUFFLE (Kirchhoff D 03)
T EV 36 EMRE 7 DBL, pastel peach apricot, washed rose coral eye, yellow into vivid green th
sold out   DF WHITE BASE (Stamile 08)
T EV 36 MLARE 7 Bubble gum pink over white base, white edge ,gt, FR
$ 30  DF WHITE EYES PINK DRAGON (Gossard 06)  [pic]
T D 38 MRE 8.5 UF, rose pink, white watermark, FR
$ 25  DF WHITE ON RICE (Smith FR 09)  [pic]
T SE 28 EMRE 6 Light yellow cream, white midrib, yellow ruffled edge, gt
$ 25  DF WILD AND FREE (Stamile 05)
T EV 38 ERE 9.5 UF Crispate, violet black blend, green th
$ 25  DF WILD APPLE AUTUMN (Trimmer 10)
T EV 33 LRE 5.75 Intense dark orange, red eye and edge
sold out   DF WILD DREAMS (Grace L 12)
EV 30 MRE 5.5 Light yellow self, explosive etched eye
$ 20  DF WILLA MAE THORTON (Stamile 08)  [pic]
T SE 25 ERE 7.5 Yellow self, FR
$ 20  DF WINTER ESCAPADE (Miner 09)
T EV 27 ERE 5.5 White blush, extreme gold braided edge, green th
$ 20  DF WONDER OF IT ALL (Carr 05)
T D 27 ERE 5.75 Very pale lavender, yellow gold edge, green th
sold out   DF WONDER WORKER (Carpenter J 07)
EV 22 EMRE 6.5 Peach cream self, gt, FR
$ 45  DF WOUNDED WARRIOR (Carpenter-Carpenter 13)
T D 27 EMRE 7 UF Crispate, coral/orange self
T EV 34 MRE 5.75 Lavender pink self, huge yellow watermark and edge, green th
$ 20  DF YELLOW TITAN (Gossard 04)  [pic]
T D 43 M 10 UF Crispate yellow bi-tone, gt
$ 35  DF YOU ARE PEACE (Bell T 11)
T EV 28 MLRE 6.5 Pale pink and yellow blend, heavily ruffled yellow edge, gt
$ 15  DF YOU BET YOUR SWEET BIPPIE (Wilkerson 09)
T D 30 MRE 8 UF, orchid lavender, large diamond dusted cream peach watermark eye
sold out   DF ZAHADOOM (Stamile 02)  [pic]
T EV 28 EMRE 5.5 Light brown, blue purple eye and edge, VFR

[A-B]   [C-D]   [E-G]   [H-K]   [L-N]   [O-R]   [S]   [T-Z]

D double fan (default)   S single fan   L limited availability
Foliage Type   D dormant   EV evergreen   SE semi evergreen  
Bloom Season   EE extra early   E early   M midseason   ML midseason to late   L late   RE repeats bloom  
EXT extended bloomer   NOC nocturnal   T tetraploid  
gr green   yel yellow   th throat   gt green throat   ygt yellow green throat  

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