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2014 Price List

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$ 50   DF  HALLOWEEN GREEN (Herrington T 11)
SE 24 EMRE 3.5 Orange with triangular red eye and intense green th
$ 15  DF HANK WILLIAMS (Grace-Smith 04)  [pic]
T SE 30 ERE 6 Cream with a dark red purple eye and edge above green th, FR
$ 30  DF HANNAH MARIE (Bell T 08)
T EV 30 LARE 7 Pink light dusty rose bitone with cream edge above gt, FR
$ 35  DF HAPPY MEDIUM (Douglas H 12)
D 28 EMRE 5 Lavender pink with purple eye and pencil edge, large yellow to green th
$ 50  DF HARPER'S BAZAAR (Moldovan-Woodhall 09)
T D 36 MRE 6.5 Rose red with lighter pink watermark and edge
$ 50  DF HEART AT REST (Holley S 09)  [pic]
T EV 25 EMRE 7 Red with white halo and ruffled gold edge above green th
$ 50  DF HEARTBEAT OF HEAVEN (Emmerich 04)
T SE 32 MLRE 6.5 Pink lavender with ivory lavender halo etched in darker lavender edge trimmed gold, ygt, FR
$ 65  DF HEARTBREAKING DECISION (Carpenter-Carpenter 13)
T EV 28 ERE 5.5 Balanced almond base with cherry eye and edge above neon green th
$100  DF HEARTLESS (Hensley D 11)
T D 40 MLRE 6.5 Ruffled bright red above yellow to green th, FR
$ 25  DF HEAVEN'S ANGELIC CHOIR (Richardson B 09)
T SE 30 MLRE 5.5 Beige with pink overlay and yellow edge above green to yellow th, VFR
T SE 30 EMRE 6.5 Mandarin orange with large golden tangerine ruffled edge
$ 20  DF HEAVEN'S MAJESTY (Carpenter J 06)
T SE 20 ERE 6.1/2 Cream polychrome above green th, FR
sold out   DF HEAVENLY DARK MATTER (Gossard R 08)
T D 36 MRE 7 Butternut yellow with huge purple eye above green th, Fr
$ 25  DF HEAVENLY FISSION (Gossard D 05)
T D 34 M 4.25 DOUBLE, creamy yellow with red eye and small red edge above yellow green th, FR
$ 20  DF HEAVENLY MANSIONS (Carpenter J 07)
T SE 23 ERE 6.5 Coral pink polychrome with yellow cream edge above gt, FR
$ 20  DF HEAVENLY REALMS (Bomar 04)  [pic]
EV 17 MRE 5 Cream self
sold out   DF HEAVENLY SPIDER MONKEY (Gossard 08)  [pic]
D 48 MRE 7.5 Sp UF, very dark red self above very gt, FR
sold out   DF HEAVENLY TWISTED (Gossard 06)
D 45 MLA 8 UF Cascade, maroon red with darker eye and lighter edge above gt
sold out   DF HEAVENLY YELLOW LION (Gossard 08)
T D 38 LARE 7.5 Lemon yellow with darker tenticle edge above light green th, FR
$ 10  DF HEAVENS TO BETSY (Jeffcoat J 04)
T SE 28 MRE 5.3/4 UF, gold orange with red eye
$ 45  DF HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMP (Buntyn 08)  [pic]
T SE 28 ERE 8 Huge pink self with bubby gold edge, FR
$ 30  DF HELEN REYNOLDS (Carpenter-Carpenter 11)
D 27 EMRE 6.5 Ruffled pink self with a slightly darker band
sold out   DF HIGH WATER MARK (Davisson J 06)  [pic]
T SE 39 M 6 Lilac with large cream peach watermark eye, FR
sold out   DF HIS HIGHNESS (Stamile 00)  [pic]
T EV 58 EERE 8.5 UF, pale lavender self above gt, VFR
sold out   DF HOG HEAVEN (Smith FR 07)
T SE 28 EMRE 6 UF, brillant lemon overlaid intense chartreuse, large ruffled edge
sold out   DF HOLD ON MY FRIEND (Carpenter J 09)
T EV 24 MRE 7 Hot coral orange with deeper eye above gold th, FR
sold out   DF HOLY GROUND (Bell T 06)  [pic]
T D 22 MRE 4.1/2 Pink with yellow edge, FR
sold out   DF HOLY GUACAMOLE (Salter 05)
T SE 26 M 5 Yellow with green edge
sold out   DF HOLY WATER (Smith FR 07)  [pic]
T SE 40 EMRE 6 Purple with silver blue watermark and edge
$125  DF HOME OF THE FREE (Grace L 12)  [pic]
T EV 28 ERE 6 Christmas red with a green gold edge, FR
$ 75  DF HOME RUN KING (Carpenter J 09)
EV 27 ERE 6 Peach with purple eye above gt, FR
T EV 22 MRE 4.75 Cream with blue purple eye and edge above gt, FR
sold out    DF  HOMEMADE PEACH ICE CREAM (Bell T 06-07)  [pic]
T D 26 MLRE 6 Peach with yellow edge above gt
T EV 25 EMRE 5.5 Cream flesh pink with deep rose red eye and edge above gt, FR
$ 50   DF  HOMEPLACE HOT SPOT (Dye C 10)
T SE 28 M 5 Golden orange with red eyezone and double edge of red and gold
sold out    DF  HOOKED (Stamile-Pierce 11)
T EV 38 ERE 7 Medium purple with darker purple eye, white midribs, edged white teeth, gt
$ 50  DF HOPES AND DREAMS (Grace L 09)  [pic]
T EV 24 ERE 5.75 Lavender self with gold edge, FR
$ 50  DF HOT CLIMATE (Baucom 11)
T SE 38 MRE 6 Apricot with bold red eye and edge and green th, FR
$ 20  DF HOW LOVELY YOU ARE (Rice J 06)
T SE 30 MLRE 5.5 Light pink with pink edge above green th
$ 15  DF HOW NICE (Jeffcoat J 07)  [pic]
T SE 36 EM 7.1/2 Lavender purple bitone with bluish band, FR
$ 25  DF HUMBLED BEFORE YOU (Carpenter-Carpenter 11)
T EV 28 MRE 6.75 Red orange blend with huge yellow green eye and olive throat with wire gold edge, FR
$ 25  DF HURRICANE SWIRLS (Stamile P 05)
T EV 36 MRE 6 Purple with gold edge above green th, FR
$ 25  DF I LUV LUCY (Wilkerson 08)
T EV 40 EMRE 10.5 UF, orange red self above yellow gt
$ 20  DF I REMEMBER YOU (Smith FR 05)
T SE 35 EMRE 6 Purple with lavender watermark above green th
$ 15  DF I SEE STARS (Gossard 01)
SE 38 M 5 UF Crispate, red self above green th
sold out   DF I WANNA PIRANHA (Kinnebrew J 06)
T SE 34 EMRE 6 Coral rose with mixed white and gold sharks tooth edge
$ 20   DF  ICE CREAM EMPEROR (Trimmer D 06-07)
T EV 25 EMRE 5.1/2 Pale ivory self with gt
sold out    DF  ICE QUAKE (Gossard 11)  [pic]
D 44 MRE 10 UF, yellowish near white with greenish eyezone, VFR
$ 75  DF ICY ICY WIND (Smith FR 09)
T SE 28 EMRE 7 Pink yellow with ruffled edge above gt
sold out   DF IKTOMI (Roberts N 98)  [pic]
SE 32 LARE 5 Sp, wine red self with yellow th
$ 20  DF IMPERIAL DECREE (Benz 04)
T D 36 MRE 5.5 Purple self above green th, FR
$ 15  DF IN THE HEART OF IT ALL (Salter J 05)  [pic]
T D 28 EMRE 7 Rose purple self above green th
$ 45  DF INAHA SUMMER (Bell T 10)
T EV 30 MRE 6 Creamy yellow above ygt, FR
T SE 40 ERE 5.5 DOUBLE, cream pink with large lime th, FR
$ 25  DF INDIAN FEATHERS (Bell T 08)  [pic]
T EV 26 MRE 6 Peach with black purple eye and edge above orange th, FR
sold out   DF INIMITABLE (Stamile 03)
T EV 36 MRE 7.5 Pink with gold edge, VFR
$ 20  DF INNOCENT DISCOVERY (Holley S 08)  [pic]
T SE 32 EMRE 6 Bright rose red bitone with white halo and gold edge above bright green th
sold out   DF INTERGALACTIC INTERLUDE (Lambertson 05)
T SE 28 ERE 9 UF, medium creamy yellow with purple eye and slight picotee, gt
sold out   DF INTO THE BLUE (Stamile-Pierce 10)
T EV 32 EMRE 4.5 Cream base with true blue eye outlined in fuchsia above gt, Fr
$ 65  DF IRISH HALO (Waldrop 09)
T SE 30 ERE 5.5 Ivory polychrome with green eye and edge above gt
$ 15  DF IRISH SUNRISE (Benz 00)
T D 28 MLA 5.5 Lemon yellow self with gt, VFR
$ 25  DF IRISH VEIL (Hansen D 08)  [pic]
T SE 30 EMRE 5.25 Green cream self with green edge above gt
$ 20  DF IT IS FINISHED (Carpenter J 04)  [pic]
T EV 25 EMRE 7 Bright cherry red self above gt, FR
$ 10  DF IT'S A ZINGER (Joiner 06)
T EV 27 MRE 4 DOUBLE, dark red with orange edge above orange yellow th
$ 25  DF IVORY TITAN (Selman 08)
T D 42 M 6.5 Ruffled ivory self with gold edge above yellow to gt
$ 20  DF J.T. DAVIS (Grace L 99)
T EV 24 MRE 5 Light yellow pink blush blend with gold ruffled edge above green th, FR
$ 50  DF JACK'S CHOICE (Carter M 11)
T SE 30 EMRE 7 Yellow self above gt
$ 25  DF JACQUELINE KENNEDY ONASSIS (Grace-Smith 04)  [pic]
T SE 28 ERE 6 Pink with gold edge above green th
$ 25  DF JACQUELYN WARNER (Petit 05)
T SE 28 MRE 6 Pink with gold edge above gt, FR
$ 35  DF JAMAICAN PARADISE (Trimmer 09)  [pic]
T EV 34 EMRE 6.75 Peach ivory with red eye above gt
sold out   DF JAMAICAN RAINBOWS (Trimmer 08)
T SE 27 EMRE 6.5 Salmon pink with rouge eye above vivid green th
$ 15  DF JAMES JOYCE (Stamile 06)  [pic]
T EV 25 MRE 6 Black with silver edge
$ 60  DF JAMES' PRISSY KRISTI (Petit 08)
T SE 32 MRE 8 Lavender with lighter watermark and gold edge
sold out   DF JAMIE GIRL (Townsend J 07)
T SE 28 EMRE 6 Purple with bright gold edge above green th
$ 60  DF JANE'S HOPE (Owen P 10)
T SE 34 MRE 6.5 Cream with lemon yellow highlights and wide lemon yellow edge
$ 20  DF JANET'S MAGIC (Benz J 04)
T EV 30 MRE 5.5 Purple with lavender watermark and gold edge above gt
sold out   DF JASMINE ROSSI (Petit 08)
T SE 26 MRE 7 Red with lighter watermark and gold edge
$ 20  DF JAY FARQUHAR (Carpenter J 03)  [pic]
T EV 26 MRE 6.5 Purple with white watermark eye and edge above gt, FR
sold out   DF JEANNE DEAVER'S DREAM (Trimmer 09)
T EV 28 MRE 6.5 Purple with chalky white watermark above gt
sold out   DF JEFF BRADLEY (Smith FR 10)
T SE 31 EMRE 7 Near white, FR
sold out   DF JELLYFISH JEALOUSY (Reed 95)
D 24 EMRE 7 UF, pale cream with violet feathered eyezone and large green th, FR, EXT
$ 30  DF JENNIFER TRIMMER (Trimmer D 06)  [pic]
T EV 30 EMRE 6.3/4 Lavender purple with chalky white watermark and gold edge
$ 70  DF JENNY GIES (Carpenter-Carpenter 13)
T ev 26 mre 6 Heavily sculpted peach melon blend, carved sculpting, green th
$ 20  DF JERRY NETTLES (Kinnebrew J 02)  [pic]
T EV 28 EMRE 6 Purple blend with heavy gold edge above green th
$ 80  DF JESSICA LYNN BELL (Bell T 10)
T EV 27 EMRE 6 Soft cream peach with rose pink eye and picotee and yellow green edge, gt, FR
$ 20  DF JESSICA TANDY (Carter M 05)  [pic]
T EV 30 EM 6 Lavender with blue eye and ivory edge and gt
$ 20  DF JIM'S PLACE (Sellers 07)
T D 26 MRE 5.5 Orange red with darker red halo and ygt
$ 20  DF JITTERBUG JESSIE (Carpenter J 09)
T EV 28 MRE 5.5 Buff cream with red eye above yellow to gt, FR
sold out   DF JOAN DERIFIELD (Hanson C 00)
T SE 35 EM 7 Rose violet self
$ 95  DF JORDAN'S JAZZ (Santa Lucia 11)
T SE 28 M 8.5 Rose red with a darker red edge, lighter on sepals, large light green th
$ 20  DF JOY OF LIFE (Carpenter J 06)  [pic]
T EV 30 MRE 6 DOUBLE, bright orange self above green th, FR
$125  DF JOYCE BROUSSARD (Carpenter-Carpenter 13)
EV 32 MRE 5 Stunning sandy brown blend, medium orchid eye and edge, ygt
$ 20  DF JOYFUL MOOD (Bennett F 09)
D 22 M 6 Reddish rose blend with slightly darker edge above large ygt
sold out   DF JUDGE NANCY (Hansen D 05)  [pic]
T SE 30 ERE 8 Cream violet with violet lavender veined eye, double edge,gt
D 26 MRE 6 Orange coral blend, washed rose band, yellow gt, FR, EXT
$ 35  DF JUDI'S RAZZ-A-MATAZZ (Jeffcoat P 12)
D 26 MRE 6 Ruffled bright raspberry with slightly darker band above gt,Fr, EXT
$ 25   DF  JUDY FARQUHAR (Stamile P 04-06)
T EV 34 MRE 7.1/2 Pink with gold edge
$ 45   DF  JUICY RIPE PEACHES (Bell T 10)
T EV 35 EMRE 5.75 Orange to salmon pink with a rose red eye and picotee above orange th, FR
sold out   DF JULIANNA KALLAS (Benz J 05)
T D 26 M 6 Yellow self above gt, VFR
$ 25  DF JUMPING JACK FLASH (Wilkerson 08)
T EV 42 ERE 10.5 UF, dark purple above gt
sold out   DF JUNE WILLIAMS MEMORIAL (Kinnebrew J 08)
T EV 36 E 11 UF, dark purple self
$ 20   DF  JUNGLE PALACE (Trimmer D 06-07)  [pic]
T EV 29 EMRE 5.3/4 Ivory with wine purple eye and edge
sold out   DF JURASSIC JAWS (Lambertson 06)  [pic]
T SE 32 EMRE 7.5 Medium red purple bicolor with darker red purple eye & white gold tooth edge
sold out   DF JURASSIC SPIDER (Burkey 94)
D 28 M 10 SPIDER, light rosy lavender and pale yellow with rose purple eyezone,gt,FR
sold out   DF JUST A JEWEL (Joiner 05)
T EV 30 EMRE 6 DOUBLE, ginger self above ygt
$ 20  DF JUST A SMIDGEN (Jeffcoat P 13)  [pic]
D 22 EMRE 4.5 Lavender purple, darker band with smidgen of blue, wide green th, FR
$ 30  DF JUST A WHILE LONGER (Carpenter J 09)
T EV 24 MRE 5.5 Rose pink with rose red eye above gt, FR
$ 20  DF JUST ANOTHER YELLOW (Hanson C 99)
T SE 37 M 6 Lemon yellow self
$ 15  DF JUST AS I AM (Carpenter J 06)
T EV 28 ERE 6.1/2 Purple with darker halo and purple yellow edge above gt. FR
sold out   DF JUST FABULOUS (Petit 08)
T SE 32 MRE 7 Mango with black eye and edge above gt, FR
$ 35  DF KAANAPALI COAST (Bell T 08)
T EV 29 EMRE 6 Peach pink with purple eye and edge, gt, FR
$ 15  DF KALAHARI JEWEL (Salter J 05)  [pic]
T SE 28 EMRE 6 Pale rose peach with yellow watermark and edge above green th
$ 30  DF KALEIDOSCOPE CANYON (Lambertson 08)
T SE 26 ERE 6 Cream orange with amber violet eye and edge outlined in gold, gt
$ 95  DF KALEIDOSCOPE JUNGLE CAT (Carpenter-Carpenter 11)
EV 26 MRE 6 Chiffon cream, grape band around large lavender purple eye, gt
$ 95  DF KALEIDOSCOPE PUZZLE (Carpenter-Carpenter 10)
EV 28 EMRE 6 Mauve base with large purple eye, violet edge to eye, cream sepals
EV 27 MRE 6 Purple with lavender watermark above very green th
$ 95  DF KALEIDOSCOPIC VORTEX (Carpenter-Carpenter 11)
EV 28 MLRE 5 Yellow self with a rouge wire edge and a chalky purple eye
sold out   DF KAREN BURGOYNE (Harwood 98)  [pic]
T D 30 M 5 UF, burgundy, yellow cream halo,lavender rose eyezone,edged white, gt
$ 35  SF KAREN STEPHENS (Kinnebrew J 08)
T SE 30 EMRE 6 Dark red with ruffled gold edge
$ 10  DF KAY JOHNSON (Jeffcoat P 07)  [pic]
D 31 MRE 5.5 Baby ribbon pink with white midribs, FR
$ 60  DF KEEP ON LOOKING (Smith FR 09)
T SE 28 EMRE 6 Yellow with burgundy eye and ruffled edge above gt
sold out   DF KEEP ON LOVING (Smith FR 09)
T SE 34 EMRE 6 Light rose with cream midrib and yellow ruffled edge above small green th
T SE 27 EMRE 6 Coral pink cream polychrome with gold edge above green th, FR
$100  DF KERMIT THE FROG (Douglas C 12)
T SE 23 MRE 6 Lemon yellow with pink blush heavily washed in a green cast, FR
$ 30  DF KEYS TO THE KINGDOM (Hanson D 05)
T EV 28 EMRE 5.5 Pink yellow cream polychrone with yellow edge and ygt
$ 20  DF KIMBERLY WOLF (Wolf T 09)
T EV 26 MRE 5.75 Coral red with yellow watermark and ruffled edge above green th
$ 75  DF KINDLING THE FLAME (Grace L 10)  [pic]
T EV 26 EMRE 6.25 Shimmering orange with heavy ruffles, FR
$ 30  DF KING OF THE AGES (Emmerich 06)  [pic]
T SE 38 MRE 6.5 Peach apricot polychrome with burgundy eye and gold edge, ygt, FR
$ 20  DF KISS MY GRITS (Smith FR 07)
T SE 30 MRE 6 Cream near white, red purple eye, stitched edge, intense gt
$ 20  DF KITTY WELLS (Stamile P 05)
T EV 29 EMRE 7.1/2 Creamy apricot self above green th, FR
$ 20  DF KNIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN (Stamile 98)
T SE 32 MRE 6.5 Cream white with gold edge and green th, FR
$ 25  DF KOGY (Boatwright 10)
T SE 36 MRE 5.75 Deep veined copper rose petals with yellow sepals, yellow gold watermark, grass gt

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D double fan (default)   S single fan   L limited availability
Foliage Type   D dormant   EV evergreen   SE semi evergreen  
Bloom Season   EE extra early   E early   M midseason   ML midseason to late   L late   RE repeats bloom  
EXT extended bloomer   NOC nocturnal   T tetraploid  
gr green   yel yellow   th throat   gt green throat   ygt yellow green throat  

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